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Contract Terminated

Important Things to Know When Terminating A Property Contract in the UAE

Terminating a contract essentially implies extinguishing the liabilities mentioned within the contract. When a contract is terminated by one of the parties, it is no longer enforceable under the law.

Real Estate UAE

What are the Updates on Real Estate Acquisitions and Leases in the UAE?

In recent years, the UAE government have opened up the real estate market for expats to a larger extend allowing for more investments.


Can Emails Be Used as Evidence for Property Disputes in UAE?

UAE has promulgated a federal law on electronic transactions by virtue of Federal Law Number 1 of 2006 concerning Electronic Transactions and Commerce. Article 2 of the said law provides the following list of cases on which it will be applicable.

Real Estate Agent

5 Things to Check Before Appointing a Real-Estate Agent

Real-estate agent’s sole aim is to bring the buyer and seller together and to finalize the deal to earn requisite commission on such transaction.

Property Types for Expatriates

4 Property Types for Expatriates in the UAE

The UAE allows for the following different types of ownership in real estate for expats...

Real Estate in Dubai

Facing Rent Increases in Dubai? Know Your Rights

In Dubai, the rental increase is determined by following the “Rental Index” approved by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) (Article 3). The changes are subject to the provisions of Decree number 43 of 2013, determining the rent increase for real property in the emirates of Dubai.

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