Scam Alert

Dear Members of the Public,

We wish to alert you to the existence of a fraudulent email scam that has come to our attention.

Disappointingly, fraudsters are seeking to take advantage of the good reputation of many lawyers working in the legal market and have sent emails to members of the public inviting them to invest sums of money in fraudulent investment schemes with emails bearing our logo.

We wish to make it absolutely clear that Dr. Elhais has no association with these schemes.

If you receive any such invitation purporting to be from Dr. Elhais, we strongly encourage you to contact our offices at [email protected] or landline number +971 4 355 8000 or +971 4 325 4000 first before taking any further action. Please make sure that all your communication to our office starts numbers 009714

Please be advised that we do not use any emails from gmail domains, yahoo emails, msn, hotmail/outlook or any generic/email providers, or and or or or Instagram or Universal Law Firm in our client communications.

As a prudent reminder, correspondence from Dr. Elhais will always come from an official email address.

If you have further queries or questions on this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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