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  • Someone is spreading lies that my wife is cheating - what can I do?

    criminal law


    December 24, 2019

    In my column this week in The National newspaper, I answer a reader who has been targeted by a third party claiming to have evidence his wife is being unfaithful - however, the photos sent by the man as 'proof' show a different woman. The person is now sharing this information with the reader's friends and he would like to know what legal options he has to stop this. I explain the UAE's Cyber Crime Law makes the act of electronic defamation punishable by a fine of up to Dh500,000 or a prison term. I advise the reader to first file a case with Dubai Police's Electronic Crime Department who will launch an investigation into the matter.

  • Can a complaint be made about discriminatory messages on social media?

    criminal law


    March 11, 2019

    The National newspaper reports on the successful defence of my client after he was charged by police with issuing an insult. The American supervisor allegedly made a comment over WhatsApp to a black employee that invoked the man's race. The employee, a fighter jet engineer, made a complaint about the message he received on April 21, 2018. However, I successfully defended my client on the basis that the man waited for more than three months to make a complaint to police about the message's content. The case was dismissed by the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance.

  • In UAE, Swearing on WhatsApp Could Cost You $68,000

    criminal law


    June 16, 2015

    WhatsApp users beware, swearing at someone on the mobile messaging app in the United Arab Emirates could land you with a jail sentence and or a fine as high as $68,000 (Dh250,000), as Dr Hassan Elhais explained in the below Al Arabiya News report.

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