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Dr Hassan Elhais and his team of litigation lawyers constitute one of the litigation law firm of Dubai. In this UAE litigation firm, the lawyers provides with consultancy and assistance in legal representation before relevant courts of UAE in all spectrum of litigation matters be it of civil or criminal nature, with a specific focus on achieving the most favourable judgment for our clients. The extensive litigation knowledge gained from several years of experience empowers the Litigation Lawyer in Dubai to issue a formidable and reasonable counsel whilst addressing and adhering to international prerequisites and principles along with a comprehensive understanding of specific laws, customs and regulations of UAE, thereby making them the best litigation lawyers in UAE. A similar approach has been adopted by our middle east litigation law firm which is famously known to provide for the middle east local litigation services.

Skills Required For Presenting a Litigation Case in UAE

Presenting a case before the court is not the only attribute of the litigation matters. Rather another skill that the successful litigation demands for is the excellent skill of drafting the documents that needs to be submitted before the court, such as a petition. Dr Elhais and his team consist of excellent drafters to serve their clients in order to avoid any type of delay caused in the proceedings of the court due to improper documentation.

Litigation Proceedings in Dubai

Litigation in Dubai is the most common method of resolving disputes through the local courts. Federal Decree-Law No. 42/2022, commonly known as the civil procedural law of UAE is the main law covering the procedure for the commercial as well as the civil proceedings. While on the other hand, the Federal Decree-Law No. 38/2022 commonly known as the criminal procedural law of UAE, the main aim of which is to provide with a framework to set out a procedure for criminal litigation.

Why Should I Appoint Litigation Lawyer in UAE?

Explicit focus and experience in procedural laws adopted by courts in UAE are what differentiate the Litigation Lawyer in Dubai from other lawyers in the country. A strategic approach of Litigation Lawyer in Dubai to deal with lawsuits does not generally include a hostile attitude, and at whatever point conceivable, we prompt an expedient position that results in achieving the desired outcome. Litigation Lawyer in Dubai has portrayed significant capability in legally representing local and international corporate entities in potential commercial litigation while guaranteeing the security of their rights.

Best Litigation Lawyer in Dubai, UAE

Diversity in litigation typically characterizes the Litigation Lawyer in Dubai. Justifying the title of the top litigation law firm, our team of litigation lawyers has attained the ability to tackle most strenuous lawsuits and are widely acknowledged for the among litigation lawyers in UAE. Dr. Elhais and his team has a broad coverage in this diversity in litigation as it is inclusive of litigation in matters such as commercial, real estate, employment, construction, banking and finance, inheritance, debt recovery, media and insurance matters. It is not uncommon to say that a Criminal Litigation Lawyer in Dubai shall possess in-depth knowledge and experience in handling critical criminal cases and the team of litigation lawyers in this best litigation law firm are the ideal example for such expertise.

How To Choose The Best Litigation Lawyers in UAE For Your Case?

Lawyers in UAE are licensed by the legal affairs department at each emirate level respectively and the ministry of justice at the federal level. All lawyers in the UAE are allowed to practice the legal profession only after receiving the license from the legal affairs department and such license is granted only if all the requisites towards education, age and training is met. To be successful in the legal profession extensive knowledge and specialized practical experience is a must. Lawyers often dedicate long number of years in extensive legal studies and practice before they make their mark and gain success in their chosen specializations. It is always important when choosing the right lawyers in Dubai that you recognize the value only the most successful lawyers can bring to your case. The legal profession is all about the experience and only the most experience lawyers can add value to a case from their years of practical experience which helps them build the best winning strategy.

The legal profession in the UAE allows the local lawyers the unique title of Advocates. Only the lawyers who are registered as ‘Advocates’ in the UAE can represent the client’s case before the UAE courts. There are many successful advocates in UAE. However, it is important that one does not follow a successful advocate blindly but instead checks the specialization of the said advocate. It important to understand whether the unique skill set of the said advocate suits their particular case or not. Advocates in Dubai often hold core specializations within the broad spectrum of law such as Real estate law, Family law, Commercial and corporate matters and Criminal law etc. Ensure to utilize the legal resources such as legal500 and to read client testimonial and success stories before choosing the right advocate to represent you.

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