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April 29, 2019



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Most drivers in UAE have found themselves in unfortunate major or minor road accidents in UAE at some point in time. Legal Consultants in Dubai will give five important tips to consider post the road accident.

Laws of UAE pertaining to road traffic and accidents are incisive and unambiguous and impose hefty fines on those who violate the provision of road safety laws which we are very much aware of. The present article focuses on the tips to consider if you collide with another vehicle on the road.

  1. Get Aside - The first and the foremost step to be considered once you meet with a road accident regardless of whether your car has hit another car or you have been hit by someone, is to park the car at a safe place, turn on the hazard lights and step outside the car. In case, you have been hit by a car, and the driver tries to evade the incident, you must immediately try to note the license number of the car and accordingly pass it on to the police.

  2. Don't Run Away - Never ever leave the sight of the accident, irrespective of the gravity of the incident or if it is your fault. It is illegal to leave or run away after meeting with an accident which may result in a penalty of minimum AED 500 and 5 black points on driving license along with confiscation of the car for at least a week. Whereas, severe penalties will be imposed if you flee from a major accident.

  3. Call 999-The second step to be undertaken by you should be dialling 999 immediately to call the police or ambulance at the sight of the accident. You may click pictures of the damaged car. However, you should not click pictures of others as it is a clear violation of the Cybercrime Law of UAE.

  4. Follow Police Instructions- Importantly, one should remain calm and must provide all relevant information to the police authority. The police post reviewing the sight of the accident will issue three different types of the form that is pink, green and white where the former is for the accused and green is for the innocent, and the latter is issued if neither of the party is accused or if the accused is unknown.

  5. Post the Police report - The last step after receiving the police report is to inform either the insurance or rental Car Company as the case may be to inform them about the incident. The company will accordingly arrange the tow service at the sight as if the car has incurred damage you will not be allowed to drive. Similar steps should be followed if your car hit an object like a wall or concrete parking. The police should be immediately informed of such incident failing to abide by these guidelines may lead to serious penalties.

New Law

UAE has issued new guidelines under Ministerial Resolution Number 178 of 2017 in order to enhance more security to avoid road accidents. The new Resolution mandates all the passengers in the car to wear seat belts failing of which driver will get 4 black points on the license along with a fine of AED 400. Passengers driving under the influence of alcohol may now face suspension of license for one year and may attract fine and imprisonment. Over speeding will invite 23 black points and confiscation of the vehicle for 60 days. Most importantly, reckless driving can lead to a fine of AED 2,000 plus 23 black points.

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