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Dr. Hassan Elhais is the leading legal expert of family law in the UAE, having experience of approximately 19 years practicing in Dubai.

Licensed as a legal consultant in Dubai with Awatif Mohammad Shoqi Advocates & Legal Consultancy, Dr. Hassan has dealt with innumerable family law matters, which are often complex, having high stakes and multi-jurisdictional angle, with utmost ease, care and professionalism. He is highly regarded as the go-to family law expert in the country and often provides his expert opinion to foreign courts, when requested.

His grasp of the nuanced and multifaceted family law issues, coupled with the expertise that Dr. Hassan exhibits while advising clients, makes him one of the most sought-after legal experts in the country. Specializing in drafting statement of claims, memoranda, and other legal documents, Dr. Hassan provides legal consultation for all kinds of litigation.

Adultery is a consensual sexual relationship outside of wedlock and often entails criminal implications under UAE laws. Dr. Elhais has over 19 years of legal expertise in handling cases related to adultery.
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Divorce proceedings in the UAE include discussions about financial rights such as Alimony. Alimony is one of many financial rights a wife may be entitled to claim upon the conclusion of divorce proceedings.
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Child Custody
When it comes to Child Custody, the child’s best interest will always be the main consideration. Dr. Elhais along with the team are highly experienced in handling complex Child Custody cases and can ensure the best legal recourse for all parties involved.
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Divorce cases are complex and often entail a lengthy legal process. Dr. Elhais along with the team are renowned for providing exceptional legal strategies when it comes to divorce cases; helping clients understand complex legal matters with ease.
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Court Proceedings
The court proceedings related to family laws in the UAE can be a lengthy and daunting endeavour. Dr. Elhais along with the team provide unparalleled legal expertise which ensures that you get the solutions that you deserve.
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Dr. Elhais along with the team provide expert legal advice when it comes to Inheritance laws in the UAE. From drafting complex legal wills to handling custody agreements, you can be assured that your legal matters are handled by one of the best legal counsels.
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As a one of the leading voices in the UAE legal industry, Dr. Hassan Elhais’ comments have been sought by local and international media outlets on legal developments within the UAE landscape. Some of the local media where he often gets published are the National, Khaleej Times, and Gulf News. He is known for his valuable insight on the local laws, and very often he is sought for by both global and international media for his views on the UAE laws.

Globally, international media such as Associated Press, Bloomberg, Washington Post, and the US News have approached Dr. Elhais’ to opine on the legal developments in the UAE such as its criminal law, family law, civil and commercial law, and also very recently on the enforcement of foreign orders, particularly the English court orders.

With his strong grasp of the UAE legal system through a long successful track record of professional achievement, Dr. Elhais is renowned for his expert knowledge, especially in a crucial situation.

Dr. Hassan’s educational background laid the foundation for his expertise in family law matters. After qualifying as a lawyer, Dr. Hassan was awarded a diploma in Private Law which focused on Shariah law, amongst others. Dr. Hassan also has a PhD in Civil Law along with a Master’s Degree in Law.

Given the educational background of Dr. Hassan, he is a member of several international organizations dealing with family matters. Dr. Hassan is a member of the Family Law Committees of the International Bar Association and the American Bar Association. He is also a member of Reunite International, a leading UK charity specializing in child abductions and movement of children across international borders.

Dr. Hassan is an affiliate member of First of Family Law (Resolution) and a member of International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. He is a member of the International Society of Family Law, which is an international independent association of scholars, lawyers and researchers for analysis of the legal issues surrounding family law. Dr. Hassan is also a member of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association and the International Lawyers Network.

Given the longevity of Dr. Hassan’s career, marked by clear-cut and specific legal advice given to clients over the years, Dr. Hassan is regularly requested by foreign courts to provide his expert opinion on matters related to family law in the UAE.

These matters relate to Enforcement and Recognition of Mirror Orders issued by Californian family courts, Hong Kong family courts, UK family courts, and other courts. He has also regularly provided his expert opinion on the Validity of pre and post nuptial agreements in the UAE, UAE laws on Divorce including the enforceability and validity of mutual divorce in the UAE and permissibility for amendments, Division of Property and Maintenance to wife and children, etc. His expert opinions also regularly deal with the Law on Guardianship and Custody in the UAE, focusing on permissibility to relocate with the children post court orders and the Fundamental Principles of the UAE Family Law, amongst other issues.

On account of Dr. Hassan’s expertise in family law matters, he has been invited to attend and speak in international conferences and seminars related to family law, held all over the world, including Japan, London, Portugal, South Africa, and Iceland, amongst others.

He has attended, amongst others, the IAFL European Chapter Meeting hosted by the International Academy of Family Lawyers in Lisbon Portugal, and the Annual Conference Meeting hosted by the International Academy of Family Lawyers in Iceland.

Hassan was the speaker for a Mondaq Webinar hosted in March 2022 in which he discussed the new Abu Dhabi Non-Muslim Personal Status Law and Family and Inheritance Matters in the UAE. Dr. Hassan also has been invited as a guest speaker at many consular embassies in the UAE.

Dr. Hassan was also invited as a guest speaker to discuss International Family and Inheritance Matters for the conference hosted by European Centre for Legal Cooperation in Dubai in November 2021. Dr. Hassan was a guest speaker on Culture, Dispute Resolution and Modernized Family, hosted by the International Centre for Family Law, Police and Practice held in London, United Kingdome in July 2016. He was a panelist for the conference on Family Law and Religious Marriages hosted by the International Academy of Family Lawyers in Tokyo, Japan in May 2018. Dr. Hassan was also invited as a guest speaker by the International Academy of Family Lawyers, in Dubai to speak on Enforcement of Foreign Order in the UAE in May 2018. He was also invited as a guest speaker to discuss the Developing Muslim Law and How South African expats are dealt with from a Legal Perspective in divorces and child disputes in the UAE in the 21st Annual Family Law Conference held in Cape Town in March 2018.

As recognition of Dr. Hassan’s expertise in family law, he has been a recipient of several awards and accolades over the years. He has been ranked as Band 1 by Chambers & Partners for Family/Matrimonial matters for high-net worth individuals.

Dr. Hassan was awarded the Legal Consultant of the Year (Litigation) 2021 by Legal 100 Asia and the Best Legal Consultant of the Year 2020 in the Corporate America Today Annual Awards 2020. He has also been adjudged the Best Legal Consultant for two consecutive years (2018 and 2019) by Global 100. Dr. Hassan was also awarded the Legal Consultant of the Year by Corporate Livewire in 2014.

Best UAE Family Law Firms in Dubai

Legal proceeding does not guarantee success and has you simply waiting for the inevitable. If you want to be ahead then you should take control of the divorce matters, including the separation, financial settlements and children issues, it is so important to remain focused, in control and in possession of a clear strategy. You should consult the best divorce lawyer in Dubai.

Family Law in the UAE follows principles of Sharia and all residents are bound to follow the principles of Sharia, unless they opt for the laws of their own country for any family matter. A Top Law firm can assist you in any family matter such as divorce in the UAE, drafting pre or post nuptial agreement, child custody in the UAE, maintenance for wife and children, imposing travel bans on children, child abduction and several others. Therefore, it is very much suggested to always seek assistance of Best Family lawyers in Dubai or in any other Emirate to handle all primary family matters in the country.

Best Family Lawyers & Top Divorce Lawyers in Dubai, UAE

Dr. Hassan along with the team of family & divorce lawyers at Awatif Mohammad Shoqi Advocates & Legal Consultancy will help you stay one step ahead during this emotionally difficult time. Along with the team of dependent Family Lawyers in Dubai will provide you strategies that would be beneficial in your cause.

If you are already represented by a divorce lawyer in Dubai, it won’t mean that you cannot seek for another opinion to compare or be more prepared. You should be open for more possibilities to be brought by different family lawyers in Dubai.

The divorce dilemma is a big impact in one’s financial and well-being, You should be sure of the people who will represent you, Dr. Hassan formulate a holistic approach from different angles so there might be a chance that an idea brought during discussion will be the most significant legal contribution in your divorce case.

If you are a person who wants to control his/her future, a clear strategy. Don’t waste your time and second thoughts and Contact us now. Dubai-based divorce lawyers, we offer the best legal assistance for your case.

If your divorce is already under way, whether or not a family lawyer in Dubai have been appointed yet, and you feel that you are not in capable hands, then you will certainly seek for the best divorce lawyer in Dubai whose expertise has been trusted and tested. Let us share our un-biased advice.


Article No. 181 of the UAE Personal Status Law No. 28 of 2005 guardianship shall be granted to the father, not to the mother. The mother cannot be granted guardianship even if the father agrees. If the court decides to take guardianship away from the father, it must be granted to another male person in the family. In your case, this could be your grandfather or, if he is unavailable, one of your uncles.

The legal guardian is entitled to visit the child regularly under the UAE Family Laws. The custodian, usually the mother, may not move the child permanently to another country if it would prevent the guardian from exercising contact with the child.

Visitation can also be decided amicably between the parties through the settlement agreement registered with court. This binds both parties to honour the settlement agreement and should any party breach the settlement agreement, a complaint can be filed with the family court for such a breach. It is strongly advised to seek the opinion of a qualified and well-reputed lawyer prior to signing or entering into a settlement agreement as the terms of the agreement are binding on all parties.

Learn more about child protection in Dubai and child custody in the UAE:

The above information might not apply if both parties are non-muslim. Starting from the 3rd of February 2023, UAE issued specific family law to be applied between non-muslim expat residents in case non of them wanted to apply his/her home country's law in the UAE. To know more information about this law, please feel free to click this link.

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Client Testimonials

I owe the success of my case to Dr. Hassan's diligent approach. He remained focused, put me at ease and always went the extra mile. Dr. Hassan tirelessly put my case in the best possible light and I cannot thank him enough. I would highly recommend Dr. Hassan - I am grateful to him from the bottom of my heart.

Raphael Lauria
Manager, FME General Trading

Dr. Hassan Elhais is among the best legal consultants I have ever worked with. He has an amazing ability to reduce complex issues into a simple concept that non-legal people can understand. He consistently develops innovative litigation strategies that help us to achieve our ultimate legal goals.

Zhuo Liu

...the extraordinary effort that has been exerted by the staff, and we specially thank Dr. Hassan Mohsen Alhais. Wishing your continues success & excellence...

H.H. Sheikh Saeed Bin
Mohammed Hashir Al Maktoum

I believe everyone should recognize what a difference Dr. Hassan Elhais work has made to people's lives; and especially to our family's life, because we will remain forever grateful to each and every one of his team.

Luis Pozueco

Dr. Hassan Elhais never fears cases that involve exposure and he always gives me his honest assessment of our chances of success, which is invaluable to me.

Bassam Yamout
Director, JM Metal Trading LCC

He aided us not only in providing legal advice but also in all legal issues that required a long term strategic approach to achieve most favorable and optimum outcomes he provided us with high level of professional service.

Philippe Delbecq

Dr. Hassan Elhais is a responsible, reputable counsel who operates to high levels of service.

British Client

Dr Hassan Elhais is responsive, thorough and creative with his advice, and is a valued advisor and legal consultant.

Asma Mattar
Manager, Italian Style

Regardless of the complexity of the matter I know Dr. Hassan Elhais will consider not only legal strategy but also business practicalities in providing advice and litigation options.

Dr. Massimo Hakim
Chairman, Italian Style

I recommend Dr. Hassan Elhais to anyone who says 'I'm in legal trouble'. I was extremely satisfied with the high standard of his work. He has always been there when I have needed him and I refer all my clients, family and friends to him/his firm.

Manish Gupta
Marketing Manager, Express Digital System

Dr. Hassan Elhais was very professional and he listened to my needs. He was very prompt, efficient and always kept me informed. Dr. Hassan Elhais's service was excellent and I would definitely recommend him to friends and colleagues.

James Horsley
British Client

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