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It has been my pleasure to speak at conferences in Czech Republic, Denmark, Japan, Italy, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the UAE. I have gained a wealth of knowledge while attending these events as a speaker; this, coupled with the rewarding experiences in the legal field has enabled me to discuss subjects to an interested audience. In addition to contributing to all who attend, being allowed to address my esteemed colleagues only serves to enrich the experience further. Every single event was arranged in the form of a networking hub, which eventually allowed the speakers to not only share their case studies based on the laws local to them, but also to meet colleagues from all over the world. Every conference I attend as a delegate becomes a very rewarding journey as I seize new opportunities and explore new countries. I have experienced an amazing ambience while attending conferences in China, France, Hong Kong, Iceland, Portugal, and the UAE.

Being a rapidly developing country with an expanding economy, the UAE attracts millions of multinational professionals to the country who are in need of high quality legal assistance in the matters relating to their personal and business lives. Our firm has gained an excellent reputation among locals and expats; therefore, the majority of our clients are come through referrals. My team and I are always committed to the idea of achieving a fair judgment for our clients.

To the management of each conference, I cannot thank you enough for your guidance. The experience of being a speaker has given me an opportunity to acquire contacts and become a member of a prestigious network.

I look forward to future collaborations with all members of the network.

Highlights from the 2024 International Family Law Conference in Cascais, Portugal

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