What You Should Know About Freelancing In Dubai?

Freelancing is for individual investors who are seeking self-employment and do not wish for full-time employment under a boss. Ergo, many people are coming up with their own business ideas to be implemented through freelancing. It also reduces the cost for big companies to hire freelancer rather than employing the specialist. Nevertheless, Top Lawyers of Dubai have witnessed the hesitance in opting for freelancing in Dubai regardless of numerous attractions. Accordingly, Corporate Lawyers are here to describe a few facts of choosing freelancing business for consultants in various fields.

In order to set up a freelancing company, one must require a license and permit from the relevant authority either mainland or free zone. Importantly, one must possess a work permit or residence visa for working as a freelancer in Dubai. The first and foremost step of obtaining a freelancing working license is to obtain a work permit and residence visa from the free zone. There are several free zones that offer freelancing license that is Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Production City, RAK free zone, Twofour54 free zone, Ajman Free zone and more. In addition to this, freelancing license offers license in various fields such as Education, IT and media sector.

The freelance license distinguishes you as a sole specialist and empowers you to direct your business in your original name rather than any brand name. The free zone will provide you with common office space and a mutual PO Box number. Alternatively, you may set up a company in the free zone to undertake your business activities. The cost for establishing a company or obtaining a free one license depends upon the business established by you. However, the cost may vary between AED 10,000 to AED 20,000 apart from the annual renewal. Another significant discussion is regarding the documents necessary for obtaining the licenses would be primarily as follows:

  1. Letter of reference from the bank;
  2. Relevant degrees attested from relevant authority;
  3. Resume;
  4. No-objection certificate from the current sponsor;
  5. Passport and visa copy.

As afore-mentioned, one must obtain a freelance license for conducting such business in UAE, and the following steps are involved in obtaining such license from the relevant authority:

  1. Finalize the free zone you wish to obtain a license from;
  2. Submit the application along with relevant documents;
  3. Deposit the requisite payments;
  4. Within 10 business days, you will get the license.

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