An Overview of Employment Solicitors in Dubai

Employment solicitors are those lawyers who advise clients on applicable Labor Laws in the UAE, especially in Dubai. An employment solicitor is capable of providing legal services to both an employer and an employee with ease, professionalism, and integrity.

For an employee, whether you are joining at entry-level, or laterally, whether you are a senior employee or even hired at a directorial or CEO/CFO position, you may need legal advice at each stage of your employment. Several top-notch employment solicitors provide online consultation, which allows the employee to make an informed decision regarding his employment, receiving sound legal advice from the solicitor in Dubai.

For an employee, the stages of employment where legal advice may be needed, are broadly as follows.

  • When you have an offer in Hand
  1. A prospective employer will provide you with an offer letter and/ or an employment contract when he wishes to hire you. It is good to hire an employment lawyer who can review the terms of the contract to:
  2. Ensure that the terms are in line with the laws of Dubai; and

Suggest changes to the provisions so that the contract is within the contours of law.

  • During your Employment,

Disputes may arise during your employment, whether these relate to your salary, disciplinary concerns, harassment, discrimination, or other related issues. While it is good practice to inform the management regarding these issues, it would also be helpful to hire an employment lawyer or a solicitor in Dubai who can advise you on the next steps.

  • End of Employment

Many times, we have seen the dismissal of employees on grounds that are outside the contractual terms or the law. Employment solicitors will guide you in arranging an appropriate settlement as and when you leave the employment. An employment solicitor will also help you in raising a labor complaint or dispute, if required, and represent you in such contentious matters. End of employment could also mean that the employer is holding on to end-of-services gratuity, salary, and other compensation. Accordingly, it is crucial to demonstrate sensitivity while dealing with these matters. An experienced employment solicitor will be capable of guiding you in the right direction.

The end of employment also means that post-employment covenants kick in. An employment solicitor will guide you on the best actions to deal with such covenants.

What about the Employer?

An employer may require an employment solicitor to review the template employment contracts to confirm that the contract does not contain any provision which is against the law. An employer may also require an employment solicitor to represent the company in a labor dispute, as well as other day-to-day employment relationship matters, such as reviewing internal policies, end-of-service gratuity, termination requirements and procedures, etc.

A full-service law firm in Dubai will consist of a team of experienced employment solicitors in Dubai who have the experience of regularly advising clients in all areas of labor law.

If you are looking for an employment solicitor in Dubai, don’t hesitate and reach out to the best employment law firm in Dubai.

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