Caught At The Airport With Drugs – What To Do?

Criminal Lawyers of Dubai have experienced multiple cases in the past decade as clients usually neglect the fact that they are carrying narcotic substances and thereafter face strict penalties in the country, which may include deportation and permanent travel ban from the country.

Criminal Laws of UAE strictly prohibit the possession, manufacturing, sale and consumption of narcotics and controlled substances for instance, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, hash, ecstasy and alike.

In any hapless circumstances, if you have been arrested or detained under the law for possession of drugs at the airport, you shall appoint a professional criminal lawyer in UAE, experienced in handling such delicate matters. Most times criminal lawyers of Dubai are questioned as to why there is a need to appoint Best Lawyers in the Emirate for defending drugs possession criminal case. The answer is simple that the criminal lawyer, having sincere expertise will be able to determine the kind of offense, for instance, possession of drugs and to what quantity, consumption of drugs, possession with intention to sell, drug trafficking and more. Accordingly, the legal representative would be able to ascertain the charges and defend you before criminal court in order to lower the penalties or to remove them altogether, based on circumstances.

The Federal Law Number 8 of 2016 concerning the Combatting of Narcotics Substances (the Drugs Law) administers the ownership and use of narcotic drugs. The law forces punishments for manufacturing, selling, usage, possession, and import-export of controlled substances in the nation. As per Article 6 of the Drugs Law, the import, export, fabrication, production, ownership, obtainment or maltreatment of an opiate substance referenced in the law is strictly restricted. Nevertheless, in a few cases, the law permits the client to have ownership of opiates or psychotropic substances, contingent on the weight, which ought not surpass a recommended limit followed by a prescription from a registered doctor and is used for as a remedy for a disease.

As per Article 6 of Drugs Law, the ownership, manufacturing or selling of opiates drugs is strictly confined. In this way, anybody found with illicit medications will be immediately detained either at the airport terminal if making a trip to UAE or somewhere else. The issue will be then moved to the public prosecutor, who will at that point draft a report, post getting the lab result on such medications, so as to decide the criminal charges of the wrongdoer. Meanwhile, the accused may approach top lawyers in Dubai for applying for bail either by paying fine and/or submitting passport as a security as ordered by the public prosecutor, be that as it may, thinking about the gravity of the offense, the court probably reject the issuance of bail.

When the public prosecutor report is drafted, the matter will be transferred to criminal court for adequate judgment. The punishments mentioned in the Law relies upon different elements, however the minimum sentence for such offense is 4 (four) years alongside a fine of a minimum amount of AED 10,000 and the court may order for deportation. Nevertheless, according to the recent amendment in the law, the court may reduce the imprisonment or completely avoid on the basis of several factors, which can be discussed with the professional lawyers experienced in drugs cases.

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