Consumer Protection Law in the UAE

Consumer Sovereignty (Consumer is King) is one of the commonly used principles in amongst the commercial market of buyers and seller. Accordingly, the laws of UAE concerning consumer protection are drafted to safeguard the interest of consumers buying goods or services either through the internet or from the retail store. However, Commercial Lawyers of Dubai still believe the gaps in consumer protection laws to secure the interest of online buyers in this century in many countries. Henceforth, the Lawyers of Dubai will discuss the consumer securities in the online world under this article and what all measures are available to the buyer in case they are cheated upon by the sellers.

The primary law governing consumer protection law is Federal Law number 24 of 2006 aims at protecting the client’s interest and trustworthiness. The law further maintains the relationship between the consumer and the retailer. The law very well defines the rights and obligations of the seller and buyer in the market, which is further elaborated under Cabinet Resolution 12 of the year 2007. In addition, the law establishes a Consumer Protection Department (CPD) under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy who is empowered to ensure the proper implementation of the consumer protection law and its bylaws. Also, the primary responsibilities of the Consumer protection department entails:

  • To ensure proper implementation of the policies issued for the protection of consumers along with the other relevant authorities responsible for the protection of buyers.
  • Responsibility of coordinating with the relevant federal or state authorities to spread awareness amongst consumers and buyers regarding the counterfeit products and maintaining excellent quality product standards.
  • To ascertain the goods and services which are detrimental to the health of the consumers.
  • They are coordinating with relevant authorities to maintain the price of a particular product and to prevent restrictive trade practices.
  • To prevent monopoly and maintain honest commercial market competition.
  • They are allowing customers to submit complaints and further refer the allegations to the relevant authorities or to take mandatory actions on such charges.

In the year 2011, the government of Dubai initiated a platform of Consumer for Federal Government services whose main objective is to ensure the happiness of consumer in relation to the services provided by the government and allows the consumers to submit any complaints or concerns with regards to federal assistance.

In addition, the government approved a new law in 2019 for consumer protection aiming at price stability and prevent any misleading and restrictive trade practices undertaken by the retail market. Precisely the law is in line with the rapid change in the technology and the increment in online shopping, and it accordingly regulates the relationship of consumer and retailer who are connected through an online platform. It is always advised for our readers to carefully examine the goods sold online and compare with on different platforms or website to check its authenticity and to prevent buying any counterfeit product. However, if you find yourself in such a situation, it is recommended to approach relevant authorities or professional lawyers of Dubai to file immediate complaints or cases in order to seek equivalent compensation.

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