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Dr. Hassan Elhais joined Al Rowaad Advocates and Legal Consultants which is now recognized as among the best law firms in Dubai, UAE accredited with innumerable accolades and admiration from national and international groups. Dr. Elhais has more than 17 years of ongoing experience in the company, in the fields of Family Law, Civil/Criminal Law, Corporate/Commercial Law, Maritime Law, Banking Law, and Arbitration.

The company has its head office in the H Hotel, Dubai, with a branch in Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, Dr. Elhais and his team have reputable clients throughout the U.A.E. and continues to maintain a strong market presence in the Middle East and other parts of the world. He consistently challenges his team to incorporate innovative thinking in order to resolve intricate legal issues faced by their clients.

Upon completing his law degree and attaining exceptional legal experience in Criminal and Public Law in Egypt, Dr. Elhais started in Dubai as a legal advisor, and since then Al Rowaad Advocates has consistently won legal victories for our clients. Dr. Elhais has maintained his high profile through speaking engagements in international conferences held in, among other places, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, London. This is why he continues to be the very backbone of this law firm.

Al Rowaad Advocates on the basis of their unparalleled approach has recently won the Best Law Firm of the Year 2018 award from KMH Media Group. Likewise, Dr. Elhais was honoured with Legal Consultant of the Year 2018, and Dr. Elhais foresee many more upcoming achievements for the Company contemplating its eternal augmentation.

Being the best law firm in Dubai and Abu Dhabi UAE, Al Rowaad Advocates possess the potential to offer legal advice and register cases in harmony with UAE Laws in all the respected Emirates. Dr. Elhais’s team includes legal consultants from varied jurisdiction having knowledge of national and international laws for resolving complicated corporate and commercial matters of our Clients. Al Rowaad Advocates Law Firm in Abu Dhabi, managed by Mohamed Elhaies working on corresponding principles and possess expertise in UAE laws as well as discrete laws of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Al Rowaad Advocates is a full practice law firm duly possessing a license to undertake legal matters and provide legal services for clients all around the world. In this dynamic corporate environment. With a mixed bag of legal advisors and consultants, we offer legal advice in numerous languages such as Arabic, English, Hindi, French, Russian, Urdu, Iranian and Tagalog.

We are continually focusing on having a relentless approach of furnishing creditable legal services to our existing and upcoming clients in their legal matters.

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