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Best Legal Consultant of the Year 2019

Best Legal Consultant of the Year 2019

The team of Awatif Mohammad Shoqi Advocates & Legal Consultancy in sincerely proud to announce and congratulate our very prominent Legal Consultant Dr. Hassan Elhais for receiving an award for the Best Legal Consultant of the year 2019 by Global 100 arranged by KMH Media Group.

Around 163 countries around the globe acknowledges and appreciate this Award and it well celebrated among multinational organizations, influential industry leaders and teams adhering to the basics of authenticity and precision.

We are genuinely honoured and pleased to acknowledge Dr. Elhaisā€™s accomplishment as one prominent legal advisors in this jurisdiction, and we anticipate numerous other quills of achievement to his crown. We strive for a relentless approach towards providing valuable services to our clients in their works and achieve unprecedented success in both our offices within UAE and across all our departments.

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