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I have paid 5000 AED in cash to real estate firm in Abu Dhabi to purchase a property in India. Receipt shows non refundable.  Next day while filling their form online, I found serious discrepancies (area mentioned is half of the assured one).  I received different answers from different executives and hence asked them to cancel the process and requested them to return my money.  I am following up for the past 6 months but they are neither replying to my mail nor returning the money.  I filed a case in Abu Dhabi court,  Reconciliation failed, I am asked to file a case in FIC.   Can I proceed to file the case by hiring a lawyer. I have the WhatsApp conversation with the sales executives.
I would like to know how much the legal expenses are for this case.


So that your matter may be addressed in detail based on the nuances, which can only be determined during a consultation, it is advisable to consult a lawyer. The lawyer will need to see a copy of the relevant documents to be able to advise on the legal options you can pursue at this stage.

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