Will I Get a Labour Ban If I Leave the Company While I Am Still under Probation?


I am working on a 2 years Limited Contract with a Trading LLC, I completed my 6 months with this company [The Employee MAY work under a probation period of (6 months) to the Employer], now I want to change job, do I need to serve 1 month notice period to avoid 6 months ban? because in my labour contract, it states that company will provide me with traveling allowance, but even after asking them about my traveling allowance they refuse to give.(on this point can I quit this company without notice period and avoid employment ban?) and what does this below article means? “Tenth Article The labour relationship, governed by this Contract, shall be a contractual, consensual relationship. Neither Party shall be obliged to continue such contractual labour relationship with the other Party without its consent, provided that the Party terminating the Contract at its sole discretion shall bear all legal consequences resulting therefrom as stipulated in the Annex enclosed herewith and according to any MOL Applicable Laws. The labour relationship between both Parties shall end if any of the events set forth in Article (2) of the Annex enclosed herewith occurs.”


Under the UAE labour law, it is mandatory to serve a notice period before leaving the employment. However, before you take any action it is recommended to get legal advice on the matter by referring to a qualified legal consultant. We are happy to assist in the matter by inviting you for a consultation meeting.

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