What is the Computation for Gratuity in the UAE?


I have been working in a construction company in Dubai on an unlimited contract. I joined the company on August 2nd, 2014. My visa issue date was 20th September 2014. I have now applied for resignation and in the letter, I have mentioned my last date of work will be August 3rd, 2017. My basic salary in the contract is AED 4500, I am receiving my basic salary of AED 5500 + AED 300 allowance (AED5800) through WPS. What will be my end of service amount?. Also after my last vacation, I re-joined the company on 20th September 2016, but since I completed 3 years, am I entitled for one complete month of leave salary?


Unfortunately we cannot calculate gratuity or end of service benefits without reviewing the labour contract. Under the UAE laws, the gratuity is calculated on the basic salary.

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