What Are the Implications if I Gave My Resignation With a 30-day Notice After Completing 4 Years in a Private Sector Company in Dubai, Considering My Labor Card Expired on 5th May 2021?


 I am working in a Private sector company in Dubai and I joined the company on 02nd March 2017. I have completed 4 years till date i.e. 09th May 2021. My labor card has expired on 5th May 2021 and I gave my resignation on the same day, notifying my Employer of my 30 Days notice. Will my employer consider this as a resignation before contract expiry since both my Labor Card expiry and resignation fall on the same day?


We understand from your enquiry that you have resigned as per the expiry date of your labour card as opposed to your labour contract. We will like to review your labour contract in order to be able to assist you in your enquiry. Please feel free to contact our team.

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