Terminating a Limited Contract – is There Any Possibility of Getting Ban for Me?


I am a teacher . I worked in a school for a year and 4 months and my contract is limited. Now a got a better opportunity and I send resignation and given 37 days of notice period. But in my offer letter it is 2 months. Now principal is asking for 3 months salary as compensation .Is there is possibility of getting ban for me? I agreed to give 2 months salary .But if she compelling me to pay 3 months salary should I agree or 2 months salary is enough ? Please reply as my joining date is on April 1st.


In furtherance to your concern, kindly be informed that in an event if the employee terminates a limited contract by serving resignation, he or she shall be obliged to compensate to the employer by paying 45 days of the salary or (half wage of a month for three months), as per Article 116 of the Labor Law. Also, you are obliged to work in your notice period, else you have to compensate the lawyer for the same.

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