Now I Have Decided to Quit My Job but They Are Asking to Pay the Visa Cost and Insurance Cost.


Sir, I’m a Technician in Abu Dhabi, as per my offer letter transportation provided by company, At the time of joining. Previously started course for driving license After I got driving license, company forced me to drive vehicle due to financial problems I accepted that time company said after 6months they will provide allowances. But 2 years 6 months over but company not provide me any allowance, now company said cant provide any allowance and driving is an part of job. In my salary I can’t manage it some fine also I paid already because of spending due to want to reach site timing. Now I have decided to quit my job but they are asking to pay the visa cost and insurance cost. I’m daily worried about driving unsafely. Kindly guide me if there is any possible way to overcome this issue.


You have┬áto check first if you have the right to ask for transportation allowance as per your contract and if it’s there, you can ask the company to pay it. Moreover, you can claim from the company the fine amount if both parties agreed about the same in the contract or the offer letter or the job description.

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