What Should I Do if My Employer Initially Promised a 5-month Working and 1-month Leave Vacation in My Offer Letter While in India, but Upon Arrival in Abu Dhabi, the Contract Provided No Mention of Vacation?


I have inquiry about Leave vacation. When I was in India company sent me offer letter in which mentioned vacation is 5 months working and 1 month leave vacation. But when I came to Abu Dhabi they gave contract paper in which vacation was not mentioned. I signed because i had no choice at that time because I left my previous job due to offer letter what they sent. In offer letter  vacation is after 5 months and I have completed 6 months. They told me that you will get vacation in May end ( 7 month for me ), I was agreed for that but When I ask for vacation confirmation they told that you will get in July. Now what to do I do not know. I think in this pandemic situation even labour court will not help me ! If you have solution kindly request to give me .


As per the UAE labour laws, you are entitled for 2 days leave per month, if you have completed six months of service but not one year, and 30 days if you have completed one year of service.

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