Is the Company Bound to a Program Manager’s Verbal Promise of a 3-month Severance for Termination From an Unlimited Contract, Along With Regular Gratuity and Benefits?


If a company program manager states that you will be terminated from an unlimited contract, and verbally states that you will receive a 3-month severance above and beyond the normal gratuity and benefits, are they obligated to that verbal agreement? This agreement would be made between the program manager and the employee with a company HR representative present. The employee has not committed any infractions to their contract.


In furtherance to your concern, please be informed that it would be impossible for you to prove the existence of such a verbal agreement if denied by the other party and you would require two witnesses as per the law to evidence the arrangement between the parties. Furthermore, if you are terminated under an unlimited contract you have several rights for which I would advise you to arrange a consultation meeting with one of our legal consultants to discuss the matter in depth. 


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