Gratuity Entitlement Before Relocation?


Please advise on the following situation:
1. I am currently working for a US Company that supports military operations at Al Dhafra Air Base.
2. My company pays my salary through a US bank in US Dollars
3. And now my company is relocating me to a different country
3. Am I entitled to End of Service Gratuity for the period that I worked in the UAE if I am continuing the relationship with my employer in a different country?


In order to determine your eligibility for End of Service Gratuity, we will first need to review your employment agreements with your employer and labor contract. Given that your employer is a US-based company providing an air base in the UAE with operational support, we will need to understand in what capacity you were employed in the UAE. In order to pursue a claim against your employer, the employer must be a licensed entity in the UAE and you should have a valid labor contract registered with the Ministry of Labor. Accordingly, you may register a complaint with the Ministry of Labor and subsequently file a labor case to claim your entitlements. It is also important to note that your employment is not ceased, and particularly that end of service gratuity is payable upon the conclusion of the employment tenure.

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