Can My Employer Enforce a 3-month Notice Period, as Stated in My Indian Contract, Even Though I Signed a New UAE Contract With a 1-month Notice Period Submitted to MOHRE?


My joining is from India and the contract paper (which is one sided) says i have to give 3 months notice whereas I signed one more contract in UAE which is submitted to MOHRE which says 1 month. Hence I followed the new and UAE contract as I work in UAE and gave the official notice of 1 month. Now the employer is saying and forcing me to work for 3 months as per India contract.  


We advise you that you need to follow only the notice period as mentioned in your official labour contract signed and registered with the UAE labour ministry. Also, if you are leaving your employment tenure before completion of 1 year, your employer may proceed to impose a labour ban on you. In such cases we advise you to cooperate with the employer and get his assurance in writing that they will not impose any labour bans against you. Further, only after understanding your labour contract type whether it is a limited or unlimited contract, we can advise you as to whether any early termination penalty can be applied against you.

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