Can I Move to Another Company After Completion of 6 Months Here in the UAE?


I came in UAE Ajman on security employment visa for 2 years. My visa is stamped on 14 of December 2015. Can I move to another company after completion of 6 months? Is there a ban imposed to me if I change one company to another?


The UAE Ministry of Labour introduced some important changes to the UAE labour regulations by means of three new decrees which came into effect on 1st January 2016. The issue of labor ban was one of the aspects which was addressed in the said new decrees.

Since you have not specified what type of contract you had with your current employer – unlimited or limited, your position could be one of the below.

Limited Contract:

If you resign from your job prior to the completion of contract period your current employer may apply for an immigration ban to be imposed on you. If you want to avoid such a ban it is advisable to obtain a No-objection letter from your employer.

Unlimited Contract:

If your contract is unlimited in nature, there should be no labour ban on you if you resign after completing 6 months from the date of joining as per the MOL contract. However it is advisable to contact the ministry of labour with your passport details to obtain your exact current status.

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