Can I file the complaint before Ministry of Labor? What are legal options do I have?


I am working a company in Dubai. I thereafter, starting working with another company in Abu Dhabi as a part-time employee after obtaining the no-objection certificate from my employer in Dubai. The problem is that my employer is Abu Dhabi is not giving me salary from few months. Can I file the complaint before Ministry of Labor? What are legal options do I have?


The first and foremost point is to seek approval of your part-time job from Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratization (MOHRE). In order to seek approval or work permit for a part-time employment, the employer must submit the NOC to MOHRE who will then provide a work permit valid up to 6 months. The benefit can also be availed by children under father’s visa or women under husband’s visa, by submitting the NOC from the sponsor that is either father or husband.

Ministerial Order Number 31 of 2018 governs the part-time employment within UAE. As a part-time employer, one can work less than 48 hours a week, in reference with Article 3 of the Order which provides that part-time employment contract allows the employee to work less than 48 hours a week but more than 20 hours a week. Also, he can work as a part-time employee without having permission of the original employer.

Importantly, Article 6 of the foregoing order states that a part-time employee is also entitled to all the benefits granted to a regular employee under the Labor Law (Federal Law Number 8 of 1980). Thus, with regards to the concerned inquiry, if your part-time employment is registered with the MOHRE, you have all the rights under the Labor Law and can simultaneously file the complaint before the Ministry of Labor for claiming your outstanding salary.

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