Can an Employer Put a Labor Ban to an Employee Who Leaves the Company Without Notice?


We are Jafza Free Zone Company. We have engineers, technicians and other support staff working with us. Three months back we have hired a specialised technician and he has resigned just in 3 months’ time and wants to leave without giving any notice. There is a lot of work to be done but the gentleman is adamant to leave in no time. As an employer, with customers’ orders at stake and the new person will take Min 2-3 month’s to join, what should we do to ensure that he does not join a competitor? His salary is less than AED 3000/month. Can we put labor ban on him for 1 year?


We need to review your employee’s labour contract before giving a formal opinion on the matter. It may also be useful to contact the Ministry of Labour/or JAFZA authority to file a complaint against this particular employee for failing to give you a formal notice as per the employment agreement.

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