In the Scenario Where Your Parents Passes Away and the Partition of the Parental Property Takes Place, if You Are Not Alive, Will Your Wife and Daughters Be Entitled to Inherit Your Share of the Property?


We are three brothers. Our parental property is not partitioned as my mother is still alive. It has been transferred to her name. One brother has no kids, I have 2 daughters and the other has two sons. When my mom passes away Ann the partition takes place; and if I am not alive – will my wife and kids will get my share?


The heirs of the deceased are entitled to take their share from the estate of the deceased as per the Shariah Law for Muslims. There are several conditions on who may qualify as an heir. So that we are able to share our customized advice with you based on your circumstances, please feel free to schedule a consultation meeting with us and we will be pleased to render our legal services to you.

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