How to claim refund on investments?


I have made investments with a company called Expat Properties, based in Deira Dubai. They deal with sales of properties based in India to Indian expats in the ME. I have requested for a refund of my investments and it is pending more than 1.5 years. Every time they make a commitment of new date and nothing happens. The last email commitment from them was they pay INR 4 lakhs by March 31st 2019, which they haven’t. Our calls and fup emails arent acknowledged. Can someone please advice me what is the best way forward to this. Thank you.



Thank you for your inquiry.

At the outset, we note that the property dealer has failed to reimburse the initial investment and has failed to revert your reminders. In this regards, you can either serve the company a legal notice in order to arrange an amicable settlement or may file a case before Civil Courts of UAE.


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