How Can You Recover the Money You Lent to Someone in a Legal Way?

I need your advice to see if I have a case. I lent someone a sum of money a year ago. I wired him the money via a bank transfer on the condition he would pay me back after he finds a job. He is now employed and has been for a long time but he never paid me back. It’s been over a year. Other than the bank transfer, I have Whatsapp messages that confirm I lent him the money and he’s never paid me back. Is this enough as proof and can I report him? The money sum is not large (AED 15,000) but I feel like he’s been playing me for too long with no intentions of paying me back and I need him to.

Answer: Thank you for contacting us. In order to take a legal action in this matter, you are advised to first appoint a lawyer to send a demand letter to him requesting the whole amount. We recommend to give him at least seven days to re-pay you the whole sum from the date of the letter. If he fails to comply with your request, you have a right to file a civil suit to claim the amount along with legal interest. To file the case, you will be required to submit all documents such as proof of transfer, a copy of the agreement (if any), WhatsApp messages and finally the copy of demand letter. Please bear in mind that all documents are required to be translated into Arabic before submitting to the courts.

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