Can you keep guarantor’s passport in Rental Case?


My father has a civil case in sharjah court due to non payment of rental because he lost his job one year back. his old company visa is not cancelled because of the pending case. now he has an offer letter from one company but he can not change his visa status and he do not have enough money to settle the case as well. is there any way he can keep some friend’s passport as security and change his employment status and then resubmit so at least he can start earning some money through that new job.


Thank you for your inquiry.

Comprehending the facts of the case, it is not clear as to which authority has kept his passport. In this regards, generally, if the passport is retained by the police, the accused has the right to keep guarantor passport to release his passport. However, in order to provide you complete information, we need to contemplate the clear facts and issues of the matter.

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