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March 03, 2016

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Can I Sign Government Documents on My Husband's Behalf?

Question: I am an expat woman and am afraid that my husband will leave the country and not come back. I need his signature on many government documents. What can I do?

Answer: In this event, your lawyer will need to draft an agreement between you and your husband before his leaving the country. This agreement will authorise you to sign on behalf of your husband on all government documents pertaining to your child. This agreement will be accepted by all government authorities provided it is adequately signed.

This contract or agreement between you and your husband would need to be signed in the UAE family courts. The average time for this procedure is between one and two months.

Question: My husband is asking me to leave the house and is refusing to pay me any money. What are my options?

Answer: In the event that your husband is refusing to pay you any money, you have the right to file a financial support claim through the family courts in the UAE. However, such claims can take up to a year to be decided. In such instances, further to Article 68 of Law No. 28 of 2005, it is advised to apply for an immediate court order for financial support to get expenses and money for the entire tenure of the court process until a decision is reached in the case.

It is also important to mention that you have the right to live in your husband's home for three months after divorce if you do not have any children. In the event that you do have children, you have the right to demand to move to another house, provided by your husband, or to get the rental value of rented accommodation from your husband or former husband.

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