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August 18, 2017

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Mother wins child custody

Woman won custody of her son after her husband abandoned her and threatened to kill her during a Skype call.

The 26-year-old Arab woman allegedly escaped her husband's abuse to find shelter in her family's home in Dubai. According to her legal consultant, Hassan Elhais from Al Rowad Advocates, the 29-year-old husband had filed for divorce and custody of their one-year-old son in their home country, where he works as an armed forces pilot.

According to Dubai Personal Status Court records, the couple got married in 2014 back in their home country.

They later moved to Dubai where the husband had left his marital home in 2016 and stopped providing for his wife and son without telling them his whereabouts.

The wife said she left her Dubai home shortly after as she had no means to pay for rent. She moved to live with her parents who covered their daughter's and her son's costs as she was unemployed.

She told the court that her attempts for reconciliation failed when her husband threatened to come to Dubai and kill her during a Skype call in February. The wife's parents and siblings were witnesses to the threats. Court records also showed that his mother insulted her daughter-in-law, using indecent language, which prompted the wife's legal consultant Elhais to file a criminal report.

While the criminal case is still under investigation at Dubai Family Prosecution with the husband's and mother's names circulated in police stations and airports for issuing death threats and insults, the court ordered the husband to pay Dh50,000 as delayed dowry. The court order came after the family guidance held several sessions for amicable settlement. When the husband missed all sessions, the case was referred to court which ordered the woman's divorce.

The woman also won custody of her son and will receive Dh1,700 monthly in alimony from the father.

Also published in: The National

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