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April 06, 2017

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If I Put a Travel Ban on My Son Can He Still Travel with Me?

Question: I want to put a travel ban on my son. Will the ban still apply when he is travelling with me?

Answer: In accordance with Article 149, 'the custodian may not take the child for travel outside the state without the written consent of the guardian. If the guardian does not approve, the matter shall be referred to the judge.'

When you apply for a travel ban such applications will have to be submitted to the courts. The court will study the matter and give instructions to immigration authorities not to allow the child to leave without your written consent.

If you decide to travel with your son you must submit a written request to the same court to remove the travel ban and permit your child to travel with you. Immigration authorities at the airport will not allow you to travel without court approval.

Question: I filed a case for financial support from my husband, which the court granted me. Does this also mean I can seize my husband's assets?

Answer: Upon getting a binding judgment you will be able to obtain an execution deed, which allows you to open an execution file in the courts to enforce a family court order.

The court has to serve notice to your husband and give him two weeks after receiving the notice to obey the court order. If he fails to do that, you shall be given the right to inquire with the authorities about all his assets and get them seized.

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