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August 07, 2014

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The National - Divorcees, Widows Concerned About Receiving 'Permission' Before Remarrying

In Sharia law and on federal law as a widow or divorcee woman, remarrying should have a consent from a male guardian or often their own sons. Others wants to amend this because it was outdated, but others says it's necessary. In order to remarry, some woman travels to different country as the requirements are different.

"The guardian who is the father, has to accept the marriage on behalf of the bride. If her father is not available, or deceased, then it would be her son, followed by her brother."

"If a woman's guardian is not available in the UAE, then guardianship can be given from person abroad to a UAE resident. If a woman does not have any guardian abroad or in UAE then the judge in UAE shall be the guardian."

Guardian system is the best interests for women, as for others the man knows better. They are the one who knows more and cares more of her interest.

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