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July 06, 2017

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Can I Forbid My Wife From Working?

Question: I want my wife to go back to our home country and take care of my children. Do the laws allow me to stop my spouse from working?

Answer: To answer your question I would like to refer you to Article No 72 of the UAE Personal Status Law. The law would not prevent your wife from working if she was already working when she married you and if there have been no new developments at her workplace or with the family that may have an affect on the best interests of the family.

Article 72 of the UAE Personal Status Law, states that, 1. A wife may go out of her home in the instances that allow her to do so by law, custom or in case of necessity and this is not considered a transgression to the duty of obedience.

2. A wife working shall not be considered a transgression to the duty of obedience if the husband married her while she had a job. Similarly if the husband agreed that the she start working after they are married or if the wife included a condition which allows her to work in the marriage contract. The existence of such a condition must have been confirmed by the authorised marriage official prior to drawing up the marriage contract, unless the fulfilment of such condition is against the interest of the family.

Question: I would like to agree with my husband to have divorce. I have been informed that after we sign the divorce papers, I will have to wait for 3 months before I can remarry. This period is called Iddat period. Is there any way that I can avoid having to wait for this period?

Answer: No. Iddat period (waiting period) cannot be waived with the spouse's consent.

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