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April 30, 2015

Do Supermarkets Have a Right to Set Their Own Prices for Goods?

It is not unusual here in UAE to compare products from your own country to the goods they are selling here. Some will notice it expensive, and others will be delighted because it's cheaper compared to others. And in this week in the daily newspaper The National, I clarified issues regarding product prices here in UAE to lessen confusions and complains.

In UAE, it is shop or market owner's discretion whether they will accept different currencies for the payment of goods or not. You will notice some of the product or service provider especially on some locations that they are accepting different currency, there is no general rule for it and because they are here in the UAE, accepting the country's currency is a must.

Supermarkets or suppliers in UAE has a right to set prices on their own products. There is no law governing this price change and they are not also obliged to set a standard price on each products. As long as the price label is clearly displayed, there will be no breach on the consumer law.

As an expat living here in UAE, it's not common that you will encounter products that costs higher compared on the price in your country. Others maybe complained with this issue, requesting for justification of the price. Suppliers and sellers are not obliged or required to justify charging products in high price. They are different factors that affects pricing of products like charges on delivery, demand or expenses that sellers pay for acquiring the products. It's up to the consumer whether to buy it or not. There is no breach incurred by the seller or supplier on the product cost, as long as the label are displayed clearly and readable. According to Article 4 of Law No. 24 of 2006, administrative department of consumer protection has a right to observe price turnover and limiting its increase.

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