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April 16, 2015

Am I Responsible for Phone Calls Made on My Stolen Phone?

As a smart consumer, everything that happens around us is important to understand and serves. Different information are already served to us like legal articles, daily news and books on where we can use as a reference. On this week on the daily news The National, I will outline importance of documents on incidents and importance of reporting incidents immediately to the concerned personnel to make the problem resolved easily.

One consumer asked about his right on a lost phone and used by others to call which the telecom company charged him in a high cost. On this incident, insurance will only cover cost for the handset and not on the cost of calls. However, charging the cost for those calls can be lessen if you have reported it to the police as soon as possible. Police reports helps a lot in this case as long as the details of the incident are clearly stated on this document. Obtaining this reports and early notification to the telecom on blocking the phone's services, avoiding any costs incurred by the lost phone.

Aside from renting a car for convenience, others prefer purchasing a second-hand car advertised from different sites or from reading paraphernalia like leaflets and magazines. Although this is good and will save you some money, it's important to always check for the authenticity of the documents given by the seller. Falsification of these document will be regarded as a breach of contract. Based on Article 544 of the Law No 5 of 1985, a legal action can be made upon discovering faults on the documents like incorrect information. If it existed on the time of sale, buyer has a choice whether to return it or accept it but in lower price.

Food safety within markets, hotels and restaurants should be the most priority aside from the prices. This institutions must ensure that foods are safe for consumption through monitoring expiration dates or quality. A suspension or cancellation of license for restaurants who will not comply with the quality standards. If matters such as food poisoning or ailments incurred by consuming food from one of the resource should be reported immediately to the municipality.

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