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October 11, 2015

Rules Set by Hotels Are Not Law

UAE is prolific of different tourist destinations, lavish shopping malls, savory cuisines, luxurious hotels and holiday resorts. Because of these millions of tourists visit the country every year. Some of the hotels and resorts have their own set of policy for their guests who wants to check-in. In my interview in The National, I tackled the policy set by hotels, the bank charges when using a card and the requirements when getting a driving license.

Some luxurious hotels and holiday resorts have their own policy and it's legal for them to set their own rules and regulations as long as it doesn't breach UAE Law. The guest will have to follow the hotel's rules upon check-in. But, if the guest is found not following the set rules, then the hotel cannot report this matter to the police or file a case. However, the hotel has the right to prevent the guest for bringing the food inside or they can ask the guest to leave the hotel premises.

In accordance with the Commercial Transaction Law No. 18 of 1993, the governing law that pertains to bank related transactions are regulated by the UAE Central Bank. When opening an account, all charges and fees are usually stated in the contract that is signed with the bank. It is recommended to read the contract to know the bank charges before signing it.

Here in UAE, having your own car is a great advantage especially if your job requires a lot of traveling. But there are requirements that needs to be complied before getting a driver's license. One of the requirements in obtaining a driver's license is to submit a no-objection letter to the authorities. The no-objection letter can be acquired from the current sponsor of the applicant and it is subject to the authority's verification and approval.

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