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October 12, 2015

Is Haggling for Products Legal?

During this period, a lot of offers are given by different companies where you can save a lot of money and time. It's good to know that consumers are well protected in this country because of the law, and there's no need to worry if you noticed that there is a breach on law. In my interview in The National newspaper, I discussed about why haggling is not considered a breach of law, putting up discounts on a product, and how UAE consumer law protects consumers on harassment issue.

In the UAE, haggling or seeking to bargain a certain product even if it is expensive is not a violation or a breach in law. As a consumer, you can freely ask for a discount or special price as long as the sellers agree. If you are the seller, you cannot sue consumers if they haggle too much for a product as it was their right to ask for the price and it's up to the seller to close the deal.

There is nothing wrong if a store puts up their product with a very big discount or on "sale" as long as they are not misleading the consumers. There is no special provision that regulates this promotions. A consumer has a right to pursue legal actions against the sellers if they put wrong or deceitful information.

Harassing others either through phone or in person is illegal in UAE. There are other complains that they are receiving harassment with offers from financial services or real estate brokers. Sharing confidential information that you gave to a company is considered illegal also. It's hard to think that you will receive calls from a company without sharing your contact information. Harassment can be reported to the police in accordance with Article 72 of Law 23 of 2003.

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