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January 29, 2015

Reader Asks About Refunds on Voucher Purchases

On this week, the consumers question are about refund, rotten or decayed food, and additional payment of money after sale.

Refund on a purchased product according to law, is entitled in a full refund if the product has a defect on purchase or the labeled information described on the product is false to what they advertised. If the seller refuses a refund, a consumer can file complaint with immediate effect. Proof of purchase or receipt can serve as an evidence when filing a complaint, so make sure you have it.

Selling a decayed or rotten food regarded as a gross negligence according to Article 2 of Law No 4 of 1979. The seller can be jailed and should pay a fine not exceeding Dh 10,000. Like the issue on refund, you can also file a complaint together with some proof to make it reasonable. When the purchase between the seller and consumer is finished, the seller cannot ask for more profits of the product whether the price increased or not.

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