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February 18, 2015

Reader Asks About Refunding Purchases

On this week, consumers asks what actions can we apply when we are requesting a refund and what are its scope before we ask for it. This is a hot topic and relatively a common experience which every consumer deals.

Concert or event tickets which are purchased are subject to the same principles on the consumer protection law. As it was a ticket and can only be used on the event, disclaimers or terms and conditions should be clearly explained and written and it's a responsibility of a consumer to read before making any purchases.

Organizers of the event has the rights to change schedule or venue or postpone without asking or having a permission to the consumers. If organizers make an action like postponement of event or change of schedule which is not written on the terms and conditions, a breach of terms should be upheld against them and consumers can file case for it.

Online shop is common and popular nowadays, as it offers less time consumed and easy transactions. Any online shop registered or supplied within the UAE are also under the consumer protection law, it means owners who failed to honour refund on the products are liable and consumers can file a case against them. However, online shops outside the UAE are not subjected on this law.

Payment or price for a repair of a product is set by the seller, supplier or the manufacturer. Consumers are not obliged to pay for it if they think that the cost is higher or equal to actual market price. The consumer is responsible to any of this actions and there is no regulating or governing law that states that the repair cost must be lower.

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