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February 25, 2015

A Reader Asks About Hidden Service Charges

When it comes in buying or availing a service or product, the first thing that we always do is check the product's quality and the price. We have different reason why we always do it; maybe we had experienced the same product service, the others doesn't care about it, and many of us are just curious about it. On my interview this week on "The National", I answered consumer questions which seems to be created out of "curiosity" and possible to happen.

From the menu to receipts, we are always keen on checking prices, type of service, feedbacks and quality. But some of us maybe experienced a situation like availing a hotel room with the price you have paid is greater than the amount you expected and saw on ads or menu. Price of services or products should be mentioned on a visible place for the client on restaurants, hotels, and even on the company itself. When a service is altered, not mentioned on the menu, or omitted, then consumers are not bounded to this services. Best resort to this situation if you have experienced it is to file a complaint about it.

Accepting different currency on a service or a product doesn't breach a law. It's up to the seller to receive it or not, and they should also accept local currency. The price also should be in accordance to standard pricing here in UAE, even it is on other currency. If you might think of refunding a product because you changed your mind, then think again. Seller of the product is not obliged to return or refund what you have bought just because you changed your mind, as it was not written or mentioned on the consumer law. You can only perform a refund if the product was faulty or it has a wrong description.

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