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February 12, 2015

Reader Asks About Faulty Purchases

When you purchase a product, shop owners or suppliers should ensure that products are in good quality even if it is on a promotional or discounted price. Shop owners creates bridge of communication by having the customer's information and use it for some shop promotions or discounts.

Responsibility of the shop owner is to check their items if it is in good condition or not, as it lessen some customer issues on accidental purchase or complaints. If you think you have bought a faulty item, you have the right to return it and request a replacement or refund. Returning a product for replacement or refund undergoes conditions, like timeframe of purchase or who created the fault. If they still refused to replace or refund but you are sure that it's their fault, you can file a complaint against them.

Customers information is commonly shared between them and the shop owner only. Any details written or spoken is confidential, and it is on the consent of the customer to give it. But sharing it to others as a way of marketing without their permission is forbidden, and it is punishable as per law No 2 of 2006 thru imprisonment or a fine.

Illusory price in the UAE is strictly forbidden. Intentional deceiving of others for a service or product is punishable by a jail sentence or a fine. Consumers has a right to file a complaint for it. In every transaction consumers are making, their primary responsibility is to check and observe products and services for protection and to lessen some problems.

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