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March 11, 2015

A Reader Asks About Covered Food Labels and Unfixed Prices

As a consumer, our primary goal on taking a service or product is the convenience and safety. Being curious about the details is just normal as long as you are following the law. On my interview this week at The National, consumers asked what we can do as a consumer on some product details and advertisement that sometimes deceives us to took it, but send us to problems.

Offers and advertisements that misleads customers are prohibited and must be reported to the consumer department to put up a legal action against the seller or supplier. In the issue of buying something within hotel to validated their valet ticket and resulted to get nothing, it's clearly an illusory and deceived customer, which is unlawful. Within this violation, according to Article 1 of Law No. 1979 a person or supplier who conducts this will be imprisoned not exceeding three years with a fine or a punishment.

Have you tried going from one supermarket to another and decided to check for the price of the product and you found out that it was the same? To put that simply, here in UAE product prices are not all controlled by the government. Region distributors are responsible for pricing, so it depends on them whether it will increase or just give it as a free product. As long as it is following the consumer law, there is no problem with that. We are staying in an Arabic country, so it's normal if you can see an Arabic translation of product even its ingredient. According to Article 7 of Law No. 24 of 2006, suppliers and sellers should disclose the related product details on their packaging. Law requires it to be in Arabic, but it's up to the manufacturer. Failing to follow this can result to a legal action against.

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