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February 05, 2015

Reader Asks About A "Crazy" Deal That's Not What It Appears

Nowadays, different product or services providers uses different methods of marketing; text, social and even personally calling the client just to endorse new products or promotions. Sometimes they didn't notice that they are already breaching the law, and it affects innocent consumers.

One of a consumer told a scenario based on his experience where he ordered a pizza on what he knew as "a crazy deal" but end up paying on a higher price. Illusory price or labeling on a product which deceives customer to buy is illegal and punishable according to Article 1 of Law No. 4 of 1979. Consumer has a right to file a case against the company who doesn't follow the law.

Common and fastest way to book a ticket is doing it online, which every people nowadays know how to do it. But always remember that each transactions especially on air flight booking are subjected for terms and conditions. This terms and conditions covers rules of transaction including flight rescheduling, cancellations, and other services which is related from the airline provided. There is some instance that rescheduling can be filed within 24 hours, but no one on the company is attending the request. Consumers are welcome to file a complaint for a proper solution.

Call from a bank regarding loan or credit cards promotions are sometimes annoying. Some of them calls or sends you message because maybe you have accepted it when you are opening a bank account. If you suspect that you didn't sign anything about those promotions, consumers has a right to file a complaint against the bank on the basis of telecommunication law no. 23 of 2003. Using telecommunications apparatus in an offensive, disruptive manner to others can be penalized with imprisonment and a fine.

The best way to eliminate incident of having a bad time buying things which has a wrong label or losing a ticket just because of time constrains and misunderstanding is to ask for help on someone who knows it well or just by reading a content; simple and less hassle.

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