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April 22, 2015

How Can Airport Shops Charge So Much More?

Living within UAE as we all know and observed, different rules and policies are governing everything that protects rights and safety of everyone. In this week on the daily newspaper The National, I clarified issues like why prices of products differs from each other within UAE, how the UAE's consumer law framework protects us on such transactions, and some visa matters for getting licenses.

Setting product prices are allowed on the shops within UAE, either inside the airport or not. There is no legal authority or law preventing sellers, manufacturers or distributors on setting their prices. But based on Article 8 of the consumer protection law of 2006, they should indicate the prices clearly at retail stores.

According to Law No 24 of 2006 states that all retails stores within UAE selling either local or international brand are subjected in UAE consumer protections laws. Policies imposed by sellers either return or exchange should not breach on UAE consumer protection laws, and its clearly stated that a full refund of money paid or exchange product should be the usual remedy if the product was faulty or has different information.

Driving license requires a no-objection letter and is usually issued by the sponsor of the applicant. One of the consumer asked about her situation because she will be divorced and applying for a driver license. Since she will be divorced and her visa will be sponsored by her company, the NOC can be obtained from the sponsor opposed on his husband's approval.

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