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March 04, 2015

Does Sharia Law Apply to Non-Muslims When Buying Property?

Because you are working or living inside the UAE, most of your actions and things you saw are bounded by rules and regulations. Knowing that you are governed by these rules, it's seems to be an assurance that you everything goes well. It's again another week of my interview in "The National" newspaper where I answered questions about property matters, information exchange and store's discretion with their product placement.

You are living and working in UAE where it also means that many institutions are applying Sharia law on their services or product. One of the consumer asked if sharia law can be applied to a brought property. Sharia principles of forced heirship will be applied on this case. Based on Article 320, inheritance of the property can be entitle either to a statutory, in legal portion in the estate, to those of blood relationship or to the relatives on maternal side.

Sometimes cashier or sellers wants to get your number upon purchase of a product but it's up to you if you will give it or not. On this situation, the seller or supplier should keep those information with them and not to be shared to others without prior consent of the customer. Its primary reason for getting your personal information is to send you some promotions or future products on which they are offering. If you found out that they are breaching a rule on sharing your information, they can receive a punishment in a jail sentence and a fine which will not exceed in AED 10,000.

Placing of products is up to the decision of the store keeper. Any arrangement of it are not bounded on a law, as long as the company wants. It is also their responsible if customers misses or confused on where to locate a certain product or if they pick up a wrong product. Sometimes customers blame them because of improper arrangement of the product leading to accidents or misuse of chemical products. Best thing to do is always observe and read products before consuming or purchasing.

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