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March 18, 2015

Do Banks Charge a Fee When Using Your Card to Pay?

Some of us pays or receives bills and later on becomes surprised on the price or service covered. Sometimes it is due to not reading the contract or receipt, or maybe it was not stated at all. This week on The National, I explained some simple issues like bank charges, tourist purchasing sim cards, and tenancy dispute that simply explains why we need to read and know contracts especially rights as a consumer.

Tenancy issues like separate or unfair charges of electricity of equipment should first discussed with the landlord or identify if there is technical problem before complaining to the authority. Obligations and rights for both parties are explained and written on the tenancy contract signed by each of them.

When you buy a sim card here in UAE either DU or Etisalat, sellers will request for your emirates ID in order to incorporate your identification to the sim information. As a tourist, communication on mobile is essential wherever you go, that's why the first approach always is to buy a sim card. Due to strict regulations of the UAE on the telecommunication, they regulate informations from binding your emirates ID on the sim provider. Tourist should not worry on this, because those network providers also has special kind of this item in order for them to be used. As of Law No 3 of 2003, the Ministry of Communication is the only official authority which regulates this matter.

If you are wondering on the fees bank charges you, just always check the contract that you have signed as it was always stated there. If there is some issues or things that you don't understand, you can just give them a call to clarify all the payments. Bank transactions are governed by Commercial transaction Law No. 18 of 1993. In case that you saw a breach or fees that is not stated on the contract, you can file a legal case against it.

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