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June 03, 2015

Can I Import a Banned Book or Film?

UAE is one of the world's fastest-growing destination for business and leisure visitors. It continue to attract many tourists over the year. It's natural for the tourists and residents to watch movies and read books as its widely common pastime here in UAE. But there are some of these that are banned by the censor board of the UAE due to its content. On my interview in The National, I explained the issues related to banned movies, unwanted credit cards and where the consumer can file a complaint if they feel that their rights are being violated.

There are movies and books that are banned here in UAE due to its content that may be harmful to the culture and religious sanctity of UAE. The censored board of UAE has the right to ban such films or books to be shown in public but can be watch in private places. So, before importing banned movies, it is essential to know the decision of the National Media Council, if the particular movie is ban only to show public places like in theaters or cinemas but you can still watch it in your home.

Some people feel more convenient to use the credit card than bringing cash all the time. This is the reason why some banks offer free credit card application and deliver it to their clients. However, if the client doesn't want to have a credit card then has the right to refuse the offer and can file a complaint if the bank insisted. But if you accept and used the credit card then you can't take any action against the bank.

Similarly, the aim of the Ministry of Economy in the UAE is to address all the complaints of the consumer. So, each emirate has its own department or consumer authority where a complaint can be filed. You can also visit the website of the consumer rights to know what documents needed to file a complaint. The website contains helpful information and it has separate links for each emirate, it is available on the internet and may be accessed at any time.

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