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October 08, 2015

Can I Complain to a Cinema If I Find a Movie Inappropriate

Most residents in UAE are enjoying watching movies together with their children. Especially now that most of the cinemas and theatres are in 3D content or fully digital screens, where the viewers can enjoy more the experience of watching the movies. But we all know that all movies are checked by the Censor Board of the UAE before allowing it to be shown in public. On my interview in The National, I discussed about the standard set by the National Media Council for showing movies in theatre, I also explain if what legal action can be taken if a person was mistreated by a sales employee as well as, what are the tenancy laws that a Landlord is accountable for.

All films and movies are rated in accordance with the standards set by the Censor Board of the UAE, before showing it to the public. If the film was approved by the board to allow it to be shown to children, then, there is no breach of law and the theatres or cinemas are not liable to give a refund for the tickets. However, the viewer has the right to leave the cinema if he finds the film unsuitable for the children.

Sales employees are the bread and butter of the company that is why most of the companies provide customer service training for the sales employee before deploying them on the shop. But if it happens, that the sales employee is mistreating a certain person, who can be a customer or a colleague, in the form of insults, harassment or abuse then that person has right to file a police complaint against the sales employee. The complainant needs to provide a legitimate evidence to support the allegations. However, if the salesperson behaviour is not criminal actionable, then the mistreated person can file a complaint to the shop management.

Likewise, renting a property is common among UAE residents. When renting a property the tenant is required to sign a tenancy contract with the landlord. If the tenant finds the surrounding unpleasing and disturbing then the landlord is not accountable for it. The tenancy laws will only hold the landlord liable for the faults caused directly by him. However, the tenant can file a case against the neighbours if he finds them disturbing. It is also recommended to check the property and its surroundings before renting it.

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